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Springfield Birds

I have recently discovered that Forest Park is an AMAZING place to go birding! There are so many different habitats from wooded trails to open fields to large ponds to the aquatic gardens! I have seen some and heard so many beautiful birds this winter so far! You can drive in through the front and pay $3 at the gate (totally worth it), or park at the many different spots outside the park and walk in. Recently, I have seen 2 Bald Eagles at once (a dream come true), a Great Blue Heron that clearly winters here, some Hooded and Common Mergansers and a Red-tailed Hawk. Every visit, I have also seen a very cute black and white duck (see video) that some people say is a Domestic Mallard and others think is a Magpie Duck. I am not sure, but he or she loves to eat the duck food I bring. I cannot wait to see what birds visit the park in the spring!

This is an update on the very cute black and white mystery duck at Forest Park. He, or she, was still there last week when I went. To my new Facebook Friend-Denise Leonard-Thank you for reaching out to the park and sharing this info with us all!

Ring-necked Duck American Black Duck Canadian Geese

Common Mergansers at Forest Park January 19th

January 23rd-Lots of surprises at Forest Park today! TWO Great Blue Herons and 2 Hermit Thrushes. Check out my eBird checklist with photos!

Sweet Dark-eyed Junco near Aquatic Ponds today!
I did not see the resident heron on February 10th, but this Northern Flicker showed off his colors!
Ring-billed Gull February 10

Saw some beauties on March 4th at Forest Park… was a cold day to be a bird-just ask me-I am a Robin!

March 16th-I went to Forest Park today. I saw all the usual suspects and even some male Mallards fighting over a female!

@ Mallards trying to impress the lady-tail end of the tussle!

The UNBIRDS I saw!

March 27-I went to Forest Park today! It was cold and the clouds made for some pretty reflections!

April 22nd-Spring was in the air today and everyone was out enjoying the flowers blooming and the birds singing! I logged 36 different bird species today. Check them out here! I met a group of friendly kids who wanted to see the Painted Turtles close up so those pictures are for you guys!

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