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May 24th 2023-Spring migration at Fannie Stebbins is always amazing! I shared lots of photos of the birds I have seen here in my happy place in my 2 recent Spring Migration 2023 blog posts. You can see some great videos of the Canada Geese and Mute Swan families and a lady and me rescuing the snapping turtle below from the train tracks on my social media ages-see the Contact Me page for info! Enjoy and please share my sites and birds-thanks!

March 11th 2023-Hard to believe it is March already! I have been to Fannie quite a few times since I returned from Florida. The Bald Eagles are busy prepping their old nest for some new babies! The Mute Swans are posturing and displaying and preparing to mate as well. Spring is clearly in the air! The migrating ducks are returning and sporting their spring attire! I have seen Wood Ducks, Northern Pintails, Common Mergansers, Ring-necked Ducks and more. I saw my first Horned Larks in the flats the other day too! Soon, we will be saying goodbye to some winter friends here including the American Tree Sparrow, Dark-eyed Junco and White-throated Sparrows. Here are a few pictures from my February and March birding trips! You can see videos of the birds on my social media pages too!

I love bird watching in Fannie Stebbins Wildlife Refuge in Longmeadow. It is, simply put, my happy place. There are SO many birds there year-round! This sanctuary has so many different habitats in it that you will never be disappointed if you are looking for birds. There are ponds and swamps and forests and fields. I have seen raptors and water foul and warblers and woodpeckers and the resident Eastern Screech Own that lives there too. There are also lots of other creatures to see such as turtles, beavers, bobcats and butterflies to name a few. I bring Duck food and feed the ducks and the swans and it is just amazing.

December 18th-last visit to Fannie for the year! It was a cold and windy day. Saw lots of Mallards, Canada Geese, White-throated Sparrows and a hungry Ring-billed Gull snapping up a treat!

July 29th-I found ANOTHER amazing place near Fannie Stebbins! The “Longmeadow Sandbar” is an area of the Connecticut River that is a great place to see shorebirds locally-especially during a dry spell!

June 28th-I checked in on the Great Blue Heron and Mute Swan families at Fannie Stebbins today and everyone is fine! Babies are getting big!

June 21-Amazed to see how big the Great Blue Heron chicks are already! Mom and Dad were taking good care of them. See more pics on Robin’s Nest page.

May 12-lots of nests and babies at Fannie Stebbins today! An Osprey is nesting in the lights. The Bald Eagle Couple has babies but their nest is well hidden now. Two Great Blue Herons created a mini rookery here. The Canada Geese babies are swimming. My favorite was the Mute Swan Family with its 6 cygnets!

April 14th-saw lots of warblers today! Check this eBird report!

April1 1st was an amazing visit to Fannie-no joke! Saw 49 bird species, Screech was in residence as was the Bald Eagle couple, 2 muskrats, and a gazillion turtles and frogs…..and this is just what I saw or heard!

April 1st checklist

March 18th-I saw the male Bald Eagle working on the nest and both eagles inside the nest. Now, you can see it too.

March 11-I went back to try and capture the Bald Eagle couple together! Success! I also saw a Pied-billed Grebe, a lot of Ring-necked Ducks, a Wood Duck and Northern Shoveler couple and so much more!

March 10th at Fannie Stebbins-never disappoints!

March 6th-Fannie Stebbins was EVEN better than yesterday!!

March 5th-Spring has sprung at Fannie Stebbins! What an amazing experience I had today! I saw 38 different species! I watched a Bald Eagle gather nesting materials and saw Hooded Merganser eat a fish he just caught! I will post the nest building on Meet Today’s birds page.

February 23rd-I went to Fannie Stebbins today. Lots of birds for this 70 degree day in February. There were SO many geese flying over. I have never seen so many there before! There were also Common and Hooded Mergansers. The little Domestic Mallard is still faring well! Check out the complete list!

February 14th-2 more pretty sparrows on Valentines Day!

Some American Black Ducks were putting on a show Feb. 2nd! This Song Sparrow was not happy to be in my picture! Check out what else I saw!

January 16th at Fannie!

Gadwall from January 12th!
Northern Pintail Male January 8th

4 thoughts on “Longmeadow Birds

  1. Nice set of photos, your photo of the brownish/tan duck with the orange and black beak is a female mallard, not a gadwall.


    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you SO much for the feedback! I am trying to learn all the ducks this winter! The female Mallards look like so many! I added a picture of the Gadwall from same week! Appreciate the heads up and hope you continue to help! 🙂


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