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Birdwatching in Western Massachussets

About Robin

Hi! I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Robin. I live in Wilbraham, Mass with my husband and my 2 cats Cashie and Carrie. I have a son who is a local first responder. I have a daughter, who also lives locally with her husband and my beautiful granddaughter. I also have a stepdaughter who no longer lives locally and sends me pictures of birds from her travels. I have been wanting to create this site forever! I fell in love with bird watching when my son went away to college back in 2014. I decided I would try it for fun and it totally distracted from seeing how empty my nest had become. It has changed my world and has really been my go to during this pandemic. The current climate of divisiveness is pretty stressful and my birds are always near, kindly singing a song that tunes out all the noise. They have shown me how to be mindful and present. I have learned so much about the different birds and habitats. I have learned where our local trails and sanctuaries are in Western Mass. I have learned to appreciate nature more than I can express. Sadly, I have also learned how endangered many of our birds populations are becoming.

I originally created this site for children to learn from during Covid. You may actually see some of the activities from Mrs. Robin’s Neighborhood around still. I also ran a website to help people deal with Lyme Disease ( But, this sight is for me. I have a Masters in Education, and a Doctorate in Education and Psychology. I am certified to teach infants through school-age kids. I taught in both private and public schools for 10 years before I opened up my own center. I am a school psychologist and have been teaching Child Development and other courses at the college level for over 10 years now. I plan to leave any bird-related activities from my old site here for kids to enjoy and learn from. I can never stop teaching so I am combining all my loves together in hopes of creating awareness of our local birds’ situation. Thanks for visiting!

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