Robin's Birds

Birdwatching in Western Massachussets

Ludlow Birds

Ludlow has some pretty neat places to watch birds! I have seen many as I drive through town. I saw 4 hawks in one day as I drove from Wilbraham to the house I was visiting in Ludlow. Two were near the bridge in the center and 2 were flying over the field near the reservoir. Then, heading to Monson, I saw the beautiful pair of Red-tailed hawks you see below on Bondsville Road! I have also seen some birds and other wildlife inside the Reservoir itself! The scenery is so beautiful there with lots of trees and water to attract different kinds of birds. Sometimes, you can get lucky and see some beautiful waterfowl on Haviland Pond too, such as a Pied-billed or Horned Grebe! A friend tells me that she sees a Bald Eagle near the center once on a while too.

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