Robin's Birds

Birdwatching in Western Massachussets

Bird News

February 17, 2023-Cornell and eBird need our help to count the birds and assess the health of the different species’ populations! The Great Big Backyard Bird Count starts today and runs through the weekend! Here is the link that explains how you can participate!

Oct. 4 2022-We need to do better. 😦

March 21st-Spring is here! I found some old nesting material in my birdhouse and was trying to decide whether to clean it. Read this blog from Coronell and thought you might like it as well.

February 20, 2022-Why so many Goldfinches everyday!?

The Great Big Backyard Bird Count is coming up February 18th! Join the fun and help the birds! Click this link to be taken to a fun article about whether Cardinals are redder in the winter and details on how to join the count!

Very Cool-Steller’s Sea Eagle Visits

Conservation Concerns

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