Robin's Birds

Birdwatching in Western Massachussets

Practice Identifying Local Birds

These are pictures, videos, or audios of local birds. There will be some that are easier levels, where the birds are giving you time to ID them to harder levels where you will need to watch and listen to all lot at once. I try to use all my clues to ID birds, such as colors, shapes, size, how they fly and behave, their songs and more. I also will use the Merlin App to help me. I also have a few books. The best way to learn to identify birds is by watching them. 🙂

March 11-listen to the audio in Robin’s Nest for this day! You can hear: Mourning Doves, American Goldfinches, House Finches, Eastern Bluebirds, American Crows, Blue Jays, Tufted Titmice, American Robins, House Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos.

March 1st Bird Sounds identifications
These are the sounds that Merlin and I identified on the audio for Meet Today’s Birds. If you missed it, go try to listen to it and id the birds before you read on and then come back! The list has the birds in order of when you first hear them with an approximate time so you can listen again. I put a second time if I heard a definite call/song on a few. Some birds, such as the Titmouse, Goldfinches and Blue Jays are vocalizing through much of the audio track. There is an awesome Carolina Wren section that lets you hear 4 of their different songs/calls in succession! Comment below if you hear a bird I missed!
Tufted Titmouse :04, 4:27-second type of call-hear these birds many times
American Goldfinch :26-many times
Dark-eyed Junco :56, 3:17
Blue Jay 1:05-many times
American Robin 1:10, 1:32
White-breasted Nuthatch 3:30
Red-bellied Woodpecker 4:43, 5:04
American Crow 5:11
House Finch 5:36, 7:47
Red-shouldered Hawk-5:40-Merlin says yes, I might hear but also could be a Blue Jay
Northern Cardinal 7:08, 8:06
White-throated Sparrow 7:13
Red-breasted Nuthatch 7:53
Carolina Wren 5:15-4 sounds-awesome
Northern Mockingbird 9:35
Eastern Bluebird 11:04, 11:45
Downy Woodpecker 12:10

February 25th-Happy snowy Friday. The snow always brings birds to your feeders. I made a narrated video for you to let you practice identifying some of the birds you may be seeing now! It is on my new YouTube channel. I will be putting lots of videos there with links here…saves some of my site space for more pretty bird pictures LOL! I would be grateful if you like the video and subscribe to the channel to help me spread the word-if you did like it that is! Thanks.

I posted this first video (below) to my Facebook page. It is a good beginner video. The birds are hanging around long enough for you to ID them. There are a couple spots with no birds for a few seconds but watch until the end! There is one bird to watch for in the background but the rest are very visible. A couple stop by for a quick bite so watch carefully. Write down the kind, male or female if they look different, and the number of each kind of bird you saw. Then, you can check how you did with my answer below!

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