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Hi! I will be posting pictures and links to my my eBird checklists so you can see and hear some of the birds in our local area. If you click the link, you are taken to my list for that day and location listed. Many of the lists are from my yard in Wilbraham as I try to record the birds present every morning or afternoon.

January 18th eBird Checklist-rare winter visit from a Chipping Sparrow!

January 20, 2022-Fannie Stebbins, Longmeadow, Mass-Domestic Mallard!

January 21, 2022-had a Horned Lark but couldn’t get a good shot 😦

Januarry 22-Coopers Hawk visited afterwards!

Coopers Hawk almost got a squirrel!

January 25th-my yard-never gets old!

Stormy weather on January 29th! A burst of wind literally sent a Starling sailing right before I shot this video. How many birds can you identify!? You can download the list of the birds I saw after you try to ID them yourself. That way, you can start practicing your bird-identification skills! Comment below if I missed any!

Video 1
Video 2

For almost a week now, I continue to have huge flocks of 50-60 American Goldfinch visit throughout the day. They are eating tons of food. Most birders are seeing this in their yards. It is a bit unusual for sure!

February 9, 2022

Which birds came to visit me on Valentines Day! Lots of couples!

February 15th was the Hawk Walk! Just in time for my blog on our local hawks! I saw an amazing amount and variety of birds for such a short walk today. I appreciate everyone not running me over! More pics on Meet Today’s Birds!

Red-shouldered Hawk-1 of 2 on Soule Rd. near Sawmill Pond!

Had a visit from my deer and lots of birds and squirrels today!

Great Big Backyard Bird Count 2022! This eBird report was from this day, Feb 18th, last year. I will be comparing the today’s report.

This is the checklist from today’s report-Feb. 18, 2022. There are clearly more birds. What could have made the difference? Well, I counted birds for a longer time today. Last year, I did not have Merlin’s help. I am more experienced, so I recognize more birds both by appearances and sounds. I am not sure how much the weather played into the situation either. Today, it was 60 and then turned colder as the day progressed. It has been very windy all day as well. All of the birds that I counted were more of the species already counted in the first 19 minutes.

Day 2 of the Great Big Backyard Bird Count-from this morning.

Day 3 Bird Count Feb. 20th, 2022 compared to Feb. 20th 2021!

Differences I see:
1. Huge increase in Goldfinches-I was wondering if this could be an irruption and I found that Biologist Tyler Hoar predicted an increase in finches this winter! I will attach the article from Birds and Blooms in my Bird News page. Check out why he thinks the finches are so abundant!
2. I still have not seen even 1 Red-breasted Nuthatch at my feeders and they were present every day last winter. No clue why. I even added a tiny window feeder with just nuts that they loved.
3. 13 species last year-19 today. Species that were new this year-Common Grackle, Eastern Bluebirds,House Sparrows, Pileated Woodpecker, American Robin,Blue Jays. It is likely that the Robin, the Blue Jays and the Sparrows just did not come during my count last year. My House Sparrows used to keep to the front yard and away from feeders. The Pileated Woodpeckers visit sporadically still so they are hit or miss. The Bluebirds are the best addition. I am 100% certain that my little couple comes back in the winter for the meal worms I put out for them now!

Feb 21st-my yard-spring is coming! LOTS of birds for last day of official count for 2022! Check out the variety!

American Robin February 21, 2022 Some see me as a sign of spring……though I have been here all winter!

Feb 22-Robin’s nest had a Cooper’s Hawk visit during my count so lots of birds were hiding today!

Feb 23-My Carolina Wrens started choosing dummy and their real nest site on Feb. 6th. I think they have made up their mind. Read about this in the Carolina Wren blog page! Here are the other birds in my yard today.

Meet some of the the birds that have visited my nest this winter. They are over it too! Appreciate the like and the subscribe if you DO like this video. I just made this YouTube channel to save me space here for more pictures! Thanks!

Feb 26th-lots of couples. You will see a “P” next to the couple that visited my nest today. On eBird, this represents “a pair in a suitable habitat”. Check them out in my report here! Here is the male Starling from one of the pairs.

This gorgeous juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk has been hanging out in my nest ALL morning. I am thinking he is not hungry as there were many birds and squirrels out and about! Check out how many on my report!

March 1st-these are birds in my nest this morning! Speaking of nests, I saw these 2 large Crows breaking sticks off my tree and carrying them to the neighbors large pine tree to build their nest!
For those of you who did the bird sounds from Meet Today’s Birds, the 4 birds I saw that I did not hear during those 12 minutes were European Starlings, Mourning Doves, a Hairy Woodpecker and some
Black-capped Chickadees!

March 2nd Lots of visitors this morning! Click to see who!

March 3rd Here is my eBird report and picture of one of the male Cardinals that was here then.

March 4th-usual suspects! Was another cold morning! Check out this poor American Goldfinch from yesterday trying to stay warm. 😦

March 5th-My nest was somewhat empty this morning but my trip to Fannie Stebbin’s was amazing! I saw a Bald Eagle building HIS nest! The eBird report with PHOTOS of 17 of the 38 species is here!

March 6th-Got some cool footage of Ring-necked Ducks today-check out Meet Today’s Birds. Here is the report from today-44 species and the return of the eagle! See the pics on Longmeadow page. Enjoy!

March 7th marks the return of the first warbler to Wilbraham! This Yellow-rumped Warbler warmed my soul!

March 8th was a cold and windy day! This male Northern Cardinal’s tail is blowing inward!

March 9th-cutest Carolina Wren EVER!

March 10-29 species in my yard or flying over it this snowy morning! Hard to say which was the prettiest in the snow! Check out Meet Today’s Birds to see some of them! There were 2 Pine Siskins visiting, but I could only hear them. For some reason, they are not coming to my feeders this year. Last year was an irruption and I had SO many of them! This picture is March 14th, 2021 for Throwback Thursday!

March 11th-Listen to some of the 23 birds that visited during 2 minutes of my eBird report . Click to see what kinds were here during the whole report!

Can you identify the birds? They are listed on the Practice Bird Sounds Page!

March 14th-usual suspects-

March 16th-I went to Forest Park today and saw lots of Robins and Mallards! You can see what else on this eBird report!

March 18th report! I could not find the Common Redpolls I heard. So here is a picture from last year around this time.

March 21st-I have heard Purple Finches recently, but spring is here when I see them too! They can be tricky to tell apart from the Common Redpoll (above) and especially a male House Finch that is breeding. Could only get the shot today through a window as he was skittish, but I included an older shot so you can compare the birds as well.

March 24th-this is the report for the morning! Possibly also heard a Chipping Sparrow. I

I have been busy birding in Springfield and Plum Island this weekend-check out those photos and sightings! But, I did do 2 different reports in my yard on Saturday, the 26th. I wanted to see the difference a couple hours would make! The checklists are here and they WERE pretty different!

Morning Afternoon

March 31st checklist-no newcomers and the Turkey Vultures are still in abundance around my house!

April 1st-lots of birds!

April 2nd-I was thinking that an accurate picture of my nest would not be complete without my daily struggles with the squirrels LOL. I am posting a series of videos showing these battles on my TikTok and YouTube pages-please subscribe! Anyway, here is the link to my TikTok with pretty bird videos from my yard and my travels. Use hashtag #robinversesthesquirrels to see the “battles” for some light-hearted laughs!

April 3rd-these are just SOME of the 39 birds I heard today near Sawmill Pond! Imagine how many I missed!? And, be sure to listen to the Barred Owls I heard today on Meet Today’s Birds page! And see the bear tracks I found when I searched for said owls…in vain. You can hear all of the black birds I blogged about this week too-read it if you missed it!

Red-winged Blackbird, American Crow and more!
Fish Crow, Common Grackle and more!
Common Grackle, Red-winged Blackbird and a Rusty Blackbird and more!

April 19th-I decided it is a good idea to share my eBird profile link so you can check out all the birds for any day you choose to see what may be around your area! I generally do a report from my yard daily, and then others if I go birding too!

I seem to have acquired a pair of American Crows recently. I am not sure how I feel about this. They are smart and fun to watch and listen to, but can be mean to other birds as well. I see them, and other birds, making nests in my nest now! Very exciting!

This talented Tufted Titmouse is working hard to gather the nesting materials. He keeps grabbing more without losing what he already has!

April 26th-It is SO dreary today that I decided to share some visitors to my nest in last night’s setting sun!

May 14th-Happy World Migratory Bird Day! I am off to see some migrating birds! Here are some beauties from my own back yard for you to enjoy!

June 10th-a few days ago, I took some pictures of my Carolina Wren fledglings that decided to visit during my morning coffee. Now, 3 of the 4 are feeding independently. They are SO CUTE!

June 21st-A beautiful Baltimore Oriole enjoying the jelly!

June 29th-My Eastern Bluebird babies made their first appearance and my heart melted! Welcome to my nest babies!!

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