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February 17-19th, 2023 I went back to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area to see the Snow Geese migration, and see Bestie of course! It was breathtaking. There were moments when tens of thousands of geese filled the water, air and land. They sounded like a stadium. I couldn’t believe how many geese could fit in a single space! I highly recommend you go if you ever get the opportunity. I also saw some Adult Blue/Dark Morph Snow Geese and 1 banded bird! And, on top of that, I saw my first Tundra Swans. These birds are all migrating earlier due to climate change and the milder winter conditions, as many birds are. They will breed in the Arctic, Alaska and Canada. You can see some videos on my social media pages-see Find Me! The spring migration for these birds is ending quickly now, but I attached a link so you can view the live cam at Middle Creek to possibly see the stragglers.

February 1-2023 Thought I would share some of the UNBIRDS I saw during my month in Florida too!

January 13th-I saw this group of White Ibises in Vitalia and was snapping shots. When I got home , I noticed that one bird had his head upside down and backwards! How does he even fly!?

January 14th-2023-my first trip of the new year has been AMAZING so far! I am visiting my parents in Port St. Lucie, Florida for the month. Check out my blogs and eBird profile in Robin’s Nest to see see all the birds I saw so far! Today was the first day that we had a storm and storms makes for good birding. On my morning walk, I saw my Loggerhead Shrikes again and a beautiful Little Blue Heron. Last night, I went back to the lake in the Vitalia community in Tradition and was not disappointed. I saw the cute little American Kestrel again who was trying to maintain his perch in the wind! I saw Tree Swallows and Palm Warblers and Blue-winged Teals in the preserve. I saw SO many Glossy Ibis and watched a Tricolored Heron hunting. The sunset was glorious and I finally saw my Black-bellied Whistling Ducks! Enjoy! You can see videos from this amazing day on my social media pages-see Find Me! 🙂

September 2nd-5th 2022-I went to the LA area in California! I saw many birds that I can’t see in Massachusetts! I also saw some neat birds in the same family as some of our local birds, but different species. I visited the Simi Valley area near my hotel and in both the Rancho Simi Valley Park and the Sage Canyon Parks. I also birded in and near the Oxford Lagoon in Marina Del Ray. I was amazed at all the different hummingbirds and orioles I could see in one area! I posted Check out the neat birds I saw!

August 28th-Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island in Massachusetts! It was an AMAZING day to see the shorebirds during migration! SO many beautiful egrets and I was lucky to see the American Avocet who is quite the local celebrity!

August 13th and 14th-I went back to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Pennsylvania. Was very surprised to see a Wood Stork there! The shore birds are definitely on the move! There were 11 Great Egrets, 2 Green Herons, 2 Great Blue Herons, a Little Blue Heron and the Wood Stork all in 1 spot!

May 27-May 30th-I went to Pennsylvania to see my Bestie who just happens to live on a farm very close to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area! So…I had to go bird watching! Apparently, in the fall, there are thousands of Snow Goose migrating through this sanctuary! Many pretty birds lived on her farm as well. Thank you to my budding birder and photographer Vivi for the Tree Swallow shot!

April 2022-I went to visit with family on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. The birding was amazing! Many songbirds and wading birds stop by here to fuel up and rest on their spring migration route. Others remain on this island to breed. It was difficult to choose which pictures to share as there were just SO MANY beautiful birds! I decided to share the birds that we usually can’t see in Western Mass.

February 2022-I finally DID see the Snowy and more at Salisbury Beach on February 12th!

February 2022-I went back to Plum Island to try and see the Snowy Owls again before they migrated back to the Arctic. I did not see them, but I saw SO many beautiful birds and many of them were firsts for me! Here is my checklist with lots more photos!

January 28th-I went to Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island in Massachusetts! I was hoping to see the Snowy Owls. I did not see them, but I saw a rare American Bittern and other pretty birds as well as an interesting mystery creature!

Mystery Creature Sleeping at Top of Tree!

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