Robin's Birds

Birdwatching in Western Massachussets

Robin’s Birds-birdwatching in Western Mass!

Welcome to my nest! I am trying to help our local bird population by sharing my birding tips and photos of our neighborhood birds! I hope you all get excited about the birds too as they need our help. I will be sharing info on the different birds including where I go to see them, how I attract them to my yard, how to feed them safely, and more!
Bird watching has so many benefits for humans and birds. I am happy to be using my teaching and psychology degrees to share some fun activities for you and your kids too. We can exercise our brains by learning about our fine-feathered friends together. Bird watching is also a great way to stay active and to stay connected safely! Just know that I am an avid bird watcher who knows “just enough to be dangerous” as my husband would say, and an amateur photographer but I am no expert. I am hoping to add a small store soon to sell some requested items based on our local towns and birds. I would like to be able to donate some of the proceeds to our Mass Audubon Society. I will post a blog weekly and share pictures and videos daily on my Facebook etc. Please, please share me and follow me and my sites so we can save the birds together! Thank you so much!

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13 thoughts on “Robin’s Birds-birdwatching in Western Mass!

  1. Beautiful pictures. I thought of you today when I saw two beautiful eagles on Munn Road today heading to Conant Brook Reservoir. You will have to take a trip in my double kayak with me to Mansfield Hollow. You will have many pictures.

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