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Monson Birds

I lived in Monson for years-even ran a preschool in town! I never noticed how many beautiful birds live there until I started reporting them on eBird! I come to town often as my son lives here and I walk my grand puppy Rosie. Our favorite spot to walk while we bird watch is Hillside Cemetery. The location is perfect because there is water nearby, lots of trees, and not a lot of human activity. There are so many different birds during migration seasons. You can check out my eBird stats to see them all from this past year. My favorite birds to see here at the cemetary during the winter are the Eastern Bluebirds! I love watching them frolic with each other. My second go-to spot in Monson is the Conant Brook Damn. I haven’t been in the winter yet, but will go soon. I couldn’t find any great shots in winter but I have SO many beautiful photos of birds and nature from this location from the other seasons. The Tree Swallows are so cute to watch as they take care of their babies near the damn. There are Great Blue Herons that roost here every year too! I have walked the trails near the schools and Peaked Mountain Trail as well. I met a man who says a “giant owl” lives near the middle school but I haven’t seen it yet. Where do you go in Monson to hike and see birds? Please subscribe and comment here so we can all see! The Brown Creeper below is from Peaked Mountain in the fall. The Double-breasted Cormorant is from the damn this past fall. The Rock Pigeons are ALWAYS across from Dunkin in town! Follow my Facebook and reach out if you see a neat bird that I can come photograph, or we can share your picture there too!

I went searching for some Monson birds today. My usual go to-Hillside cemetary-was full of black birds today. Then, I went to try Flynt park, which had some brighter, happier sounding birds. I ended up driving down Reimers Rd. where a nice man asked me if I needed help while I was taking a picture I thought was of owls….sigh. But, I ended up seeing a new conservation land that I didn’t even know existed! I saw a couple Red-tailed hawks flying overhead, but only had a small lens so picture is over-cropped, but you can see the red tail!

March 9th-this Turkey Vulture was like a statue in this tree for the whole 45 minutes I was walking through the cemetery!

March 11-Rosie and I saw a cute little Eastern Bluebird, a gazillion Robins in the cemetery and a young Red-shouldered Hawk in the field near the middle school today!

March 31st-Great Blue Heron rookery on Munn Rd was super creepy today! I only saw 1 headless GBH LOL, but I did see and hear a bunch of other birds! You can see the pics of a few on Meet Today’s Birds. 🙂

April 11th and 14th-I was walking Rosie through the cemetery and it was SO nice to hear AND see the Chipping Sparrows are back! There are always so many of them nesting in the cemetery. I also heard some Pine Warblers nearby! These 2 spring migrants have similar sounding songs. They both trill but the Chipping Sparrow’s is longer and sounds a bit less melodic to me! These 2 audios are from this week.

Chipping Sparrows Singing to Each Other!
Pine Warbler Singing Near the Cemetary-Listen Close!

April 18th-I hope you were able to read the Spring Migrants blog and listen to the audios because there were a ton of these birds in and near the cemetery and Granite Valley today! Check out this eBird report for only a little over an hour! I also was able to catch 2 Chipping Sparrows singing to each other! Check it out here!

May 6th-saw some BEAUTIFUL birds at Conant Brook Damn and at the heron rookery! My eBird link is on Robin’s Nest page to see all the species I saw!

Conant Brook Dam on May 15th-beautiful birds today!

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