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Oh Those Squirrels!

Coming Soon but here is a picture to make you smile!

So….my relationship with squirrels is a bit rocky. My opinion of them depends on on which day you ask me. If it is snowy and cold, I will often feel sorry for them and want to take care of them. If one of them is injured, I always feel bad for it. However, if they have just stolen food for the nine billionth time, or broke another one of my “squirrel-proof” feeders, I am likely screaming at them like a maniac. To be clear, this does nothing to stop them from tormenting me LOL. I will share a couple of my best photos below, and then new ones when they happen. I will also be sharing some videos to my Squirrel Mischief Playlist on my new YouTube channel! Check it out!

I have lots of battles of wits with my squirrels! I am posting a series of videos showing these battles on my TikTok and YouTube pages-please subscribe! Anyway, here is the link to my TikTok with pretty bird videos from my yard and my travels. Use hashtag #robinversesthesquirrels to see the “battles” for some light-hearted laughs!

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