Robin's Birds

Birdwatching in Western Massachussets

Bird Blogs-Did You Read them all!?All have pictures and audios!

(Y) year-round (M) migration in spring and fall (S) summer(W) more common in winter

New World Sparrows-Dark-eyed Junco (#1) W

Wrens-Carolina wrens (#2) Y, Winter Wrens (#3) W

Hawks– (#4) Broad-Winged M, Red-shouldered Y, Red-tailed Y, Sharp-shinned M/Y, Cooper’s Hawk M/Y

Thrushes-Eastern Bluebirds (#5) M/Y

Woodpeckers-Part 1 (#6) Downy Woodpecker Y, Hairy Woodpecker Y, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker M/W/Y

Spring Migrants-Quick Intro #1-Blackbirds (#7)-Rusty Blackbird M, Common Grackle M,S, Red-winged Blackbird M,S, Fish Crow M,S, Brown-headed Cowbirds M,S. (Pictures only of some year-round Blackbirds: American Crow, European Starling and Common Raven.)

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds M,S (#8)

Sights & Sounds of Spring Migrants-Spring Series #3 (#9) A discussion of some of the birds that have arrived here or will soon with pictures. New birds mentioned/pictured: Great Egrets M,S, Great Blue Herons M,S,Y, Killdeer M,S, Pied-billed Grebes M,S, Double-breasted Cormorants M,S, Black Vultures (rare), Ospreys M,S, Brown Thrasher M,S, Gray Catbird M,S, Northern Parula M, Rose-breasted Grossbeaks M,S, Chipping Sparrows M,S, Eastern Towhees M,S, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers M,S, Pine Warblers M,S, Ruby-crowned Kinglets M, Cedar Waxwings M,S, Yellow-rumped Warblers M,S, and Eastern Phoebe M,S.

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